A community for home decorating ideas

Let other people redesign your home for you.
Get creative and try out paint and furniture in other rooms.

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iPhone GIF of app walkthrough. Scroll through news feed of spaces then choose one you have an idea for. See what they want, including the styles and colors they like. Drag furniture into their room, repaint their walls, and sketch out your ideas.

Powerful interface to share ideas

Decorator lets you paint surfaces, drag furniture into rooms, sketch ideas, and comment on specifics about a room

Extensive paint and furniture catalogs

900+ Pantone colors

Any paint store can mix a Pantone color for you - just tell them the name. Decorator sorts paint colors by swatch like you would see in store.

Real brands to buy from

Decorator doesn't use any generic furniture models. Every piece of furniture is from a known brand, and you can buy anything directly through the app.

Snap some pics and start getting advice

Stay organized

Create a to-do list

Let everyone else know the plan so they know how to help.

To-do list

Keep track of furniture you love

One tap, and you'll be able to find everything again later

List of favorite furniture
Timeline of photos over time, showing how home decor changes in a room

See how a room's design evolves

  • Keep track of milestones
  • See all stages of the redesign
  • See "before" and "after" photos
  • Look back on design alternatives

Level up your design skills

Discover new styles

Most styles have defining characteristics that make them easy to identify. Learn about the materials, colors, and types of furniture to look out for.

Learn how to identify a style

Check out a bunch of styles to figure out which you might want to incorporate into your home. Pick one you already like, or branch out and give a new one a try.

Try your hand at real-world design

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